Do These 5 Things When Your Kids Come Home From School

After schools moved to being online in spring, many students were eager to get back this fall despite COVID concerns. Going back to work as responsible, cautious adults is one thing, but young reckless kids and teenagers going back to school is another story. So what exactly does going back to school during a pandemic mean for students and parents?

There many things your child has to implement during their day at school in order to stay safe. However the safety steps continue even after your child is back home. Kids in general are less symptomatic which also means that they can be super spreaders for the virus. They can come home as carriers of the virus unknowingly.

At school your kids will experience an education with multiple social distancing measures in place. They should be taught to maintain distance and avoid forms of contact like hugging and shaking hands, and perhaps opt for an air high five instead. Talk to your kids about the importance of the situation and why wearing a mask and abiding to the rules in place are crucial for everyone.

After School Routine Adjustments

Your kids' old after school routine will have to be altered to accommodate better hygiene and cleanliness. When your kids get back home from school they are going to have to put their usual lunch time and TV watching routine on hold.

Shower Routine

Switch your child's usual normal shower or bath time by bathing and changing into fresh clothes right when they return home.They should immediately dispose of their clothes into the washer and take a hot shower before doing anything else.


Their school bags, books and all other belongings which were taken to school should be disinfected everyday. High contact items such as their phones, school supplies, clothes, shoes and lunchboxes should all be cleaned or washed thoroughly. Electronics like their phones should be wiped with a cleaning agent like rubbing alcohol so it doesn't harm or damage the products.

Allocate items

Keeping items in a specific place prevents the possibility of contamination in any other areas within your home. For example when they get home from school, their school bag should always be placed in a specific corner in their room instead of being thrown on the bed or the couch.

Use Disposable Bags

A good idea is to place their school bags and other belongings within a disposable plastic bag. A more eco friendly option would be to pack their lunches and carry ons within a brown bag. Placing their things in these disposable bags will prevent potential contamination of other places such as your car, or anywhere within their room.

Talk to your kids

A global pandemic is not only stressful and confusing for adults, but for young children as well. Take the time out of your day to talk and communicate with your kids regarding their day. The more you talk about the situation, the more it will be normalized for the children to accept the good and the bad days. Some kids may be more sensitive to the situation and can require more behavioral or emotional support so you should focus on staying connected to your kids now more than ever. You can also teach them breathing

exercises to keep them calm.

Additional tips

Besides taking steps to ensure safety of your household, advise your kids against certain

practices during school. This can include sharing utensils, stationary, and even books in

school. The easiest method of not catching anything is by looking after your own things and

not using others.

Avoid taking the bus

For students who live close to school, it is essential that they find different means of transportation that lacks close proximity to other people. Other modes of transportation can include walking, biking, or getting dropped off.

Face Masks

Peer pressure can be a factor for children and especially older students wearing masks. Remind your children about how crucial it is to keep their mask on at all times. To make your child more comfortable and less fussy about wearing masks, allow them to choose their own patterned designed mask that fits their personality. Buy multiple washable reusable masks as backup and pack an extra one in your child's backpack everyday.


If you pack your child’s lunch, it's important to incorporate healthy snacks and a well balanced diet that would help boost their immunity. At home they can also regularly take gummy vitamins as directed by a pediatrician. These delicious gummies are loved by all kids and are packed with health benefits. Another method of building immunity is by making sure your kids are up to date with all their routine vaccinations.

Children learn by example, so if you implement these tips into your daily routine when you get home from work, your kids will be obliged to do the same. Take all precautions as a family. Set guidelines at home and be strict about making sure everyone follows them.

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