Making Your Rental Feel Like Home

The excitement of moving into a new home is something that we all know. However, along with that excitement also comes a lot of other emotions. From excitement to worry or even depression, your new home can have a large impact on your morale. In light of this, we have taken the time to come up with five ways to make your rental house feel more like home.

Clean House

The first thing your should do when moving into your new rental home is removing anything that isn’t yours. Were there things left behind by previous tenants? Remove them. If it seems like anything that may belong to your landlord be sure and touch base with them first to make sure it is okay to get rid of. Removing items in your rental that don’t belong to you will be a great way to start making it feel like your home.

What of the Walls?

Most of the time, when a rental home is painting and prepped for showing to a new potential tenant, the walls and everything in the home are made up to be as neutral as possible. This helps when imagining how the place will look when you make it your own. No one wants to see a bright pink wall in a home they are trying to imagine life in. So they are painted neutral. Take the time to customize your house to fit you and your family. A little splash of color can go a very long way.

Deciding on Layout

If you have done a walkthrough of a rental property while a previous tenant was still living there you most likely got an opportunity to see how they used the provided space to layout things like furniture, beds, decore, etc. Sometimes it can be challenging to break the mold and do something different than what you have already seen done. We recommend taking the time to look over your new home and plot and plan what will work best for your family, you, and your furniture / decor.

Spruce up with Decor

It goes without saying that decor is the icing on any beautiful home cake. When used in combination with wall coloring and furniture choice / layout, decore will do an amazing job at bringing your home to life. Not to mention that the decore you put up will be yours, not someone else’s, not the landlords. It will be things that mean something to you or your family. This will go a long way in making your new rental feel like home.

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