Moving, Movers, and Exposure. Oh My! Tips for a Safe Move During the Pandemic

When you're moving homes you're bound to come in contact with a lot of people, and your chances of getting infected with COVID are pretty high. If you'll be hiring moving people to get the job done, you may be wary regarding the current standards and precautions the movers would implement while doing their job in regards to the coronavirus. Your primary concerns will be moving safely while protecting ourselves and each other, hence why you should keep these tips in mind.

Before Moving

Ask Questions

There are many moving companies who would be more than willing to get the job done for you however at the end it's up to you to choose the most suitable company for you. You can ask what measures they take to ensure a safe experience for all parties involved. You can make sure that masks and gloves are worn at all times.

A Virtual Moving Quote

Movers generally ask to see the expected workload of the rooms to show everything that they will have to move before giving you a quote. Fortunately, most companies will give you the option of sending videos and pictures through your mobile device to get a quote without having to go through a traditional in person meeting. When showing your home add as many details and views as possible to get the most accurate quote.

During the Move


I probably can't stress how important it is to disinfect your home and all surfaces while moving. While it's not advisable to have an entire cleaning crew come over to clean your home, you can always do it yourself. Thoroughly sanitize and keep a routine of cleaning frequently touched surfaces such as tables, toilets and doorknobs.

Social Distance Greetings

Practice social distancing greetings such as smiling and waving while maintaining a 6 foot distance rather than a handshake. When the movers are doing their job it is recommended to keep children, pets and household members who are particularly vulnerable to the virus in a separate area. Remember to always keep your mask on and follow other recommended protocols to decrease the spread of the virus. For example you should avoid touching your face, limit food sharing and wash your hands on regular intervals. The main point of hiring movers is for them to do the hard labour while you sit back, so allow them to do their work by giving them their space.

After moving

More cleaning!

Once you're done moving your items and you're just left with the task of unpacking, begin with disinfecting and disposing the packing materials. Large items like mattresses, couches and chairs can be covered and wrapped in plastic which makes them easier to unwrap while moving into your new home. Additional benefits of using plastic to wrap your items is that it can be easy wiped and cleaned with antiseptic wipes or sprays. Another tip would be to designate a garage or a room or two for items that haven't been cleaned. This allows you to have more control and you'll be able to clean things more efficiently before bringing them into the house.

Before bringing items within your home you should have the floors completely cleaned, especially in the case that you have carpeted floors as opposed to hard wood. Carpeting while comfortable is perfect for storing and hiding all kinds of dirt, or pet dander from previous owners. Soft upholstery and surfaces will require proper and special cleaning and sanitizing.

Moving all your belongings to a new home may seem daunting especially with the amount of people you will encounter during the process. However if you follow these tips to maintain distance and uphold a standard of sanity you will be able to have a successful and safe move.

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