Ways to Save on Household Items That Make Cents

Take a minute and envision what your daily morning routine looks like. There are things you use each and every single day in order to make sure your routine goes smoothly. Now imagine the entire day and all the things you and your family use, each and every day. The cost of all essentials in your home over a year can come to an astonishing number. So we’ve come up with some great ways to save on household items that make cents!

Toilet Paper

The average family can go through anywhere from approximately 200 to 400 rolls of toilet paper each and every year. Now if you pay attention to toilet paper rolls at all you’ll know that there are so many different ply thicknesses, roll thicknesses, and so on. When it comes to tracking your family’s toilet paper consumption and the cost associated with it, the metric you should be focusing on is price per sheet. Premium brands can cost upwards of $0.0045 per sheet, and sometimes you can find it as low as $0.0026 per sheet. Who knows, if you find the best deal in the world you may even be able to find it lower. Focus on this area could save you and your family upwards of $200.00 or more a year!

Dish Detergent

If you are anything like the rest of the world, you probably run your dishwasher or wash some dishes daily. When it comes to a dishwasher, the tablets can range anywhere from $0.15 to $0.25 cents. If used every single day this can add up considerably over the course of the year. If you catch a great sale you may see these as low as just $0.12 cents. This would give a potential savings of up to around $50.00 a year.


One of the most difficult parts of starting a “savings regimine” for a product like toothpaste is the amount used per individual per instance can vary. So if you are using the recommended amount which is known as a “pea-sized” amount, then you would use up to (approx.) 16 tubes of toothpaste per year. When you’re talking about anywhere from $2-$4 per tube, this cost can easily add up. The savings however are a bit more challenging and generally bring in less that $30/year. That’s not to say you should not try and clean up the usage and efficiency of your toothpaste game. All savings add up in the end.

Shampoo / Conditioner

Once again, this can be a challenging metric because the amount used each time can vary by person and day used. So when we will consider that if only the recommended amount of both shampoo and conditioner are used then your family would use about 20-40 bottles per year. The price can range quite a bit as well. Sometimes you can find coupled deals that are close to $7 or so, but when on sale one bottle can be as little as $2.50. Meaning you could save somewhere between $50-$100 if you play your cards right.

Paper Towels

If your house is anything like mine, then you can easily blow through the average two rolls per week. Heck you may be finding yourself nearing 3. On average paper towels are roughly $0.04, or 4 cents per square foot or $1.30-$1.50 per roll. With proper research and effort this figure has sometimes gotten as low as $0.02 - $0.025 per square foot. It isn’t a ton of money, but managing your paper towel purchasing and use can save you upwards of $50 a year.

Laundry Detergent

It may (or may not) blow your mind to find out that, on average, the typical household can do up to 400 loads of laundry per year. 400!! That is incredible. Now just imagine how the cost per load can add up, or result in savings. Each load is said to cost around $0.20 cents, but if you are lucky enough to find an amazing sale on laundry detergent, you may find it as low as $0.05 cents per load. Some people will even say that when playing the “coupon game” they can see numbers as low as $0.03 cents. All your efforts could see you and your family saving upwards of $75.00 per year!

Now, we know that sometimes a $50 per year savings doesn’t seem like a lot, so why waste the brain power… right? Wrong! Even something that seems small like $50 per year, when added to the other cost saving strategies in your home, can have a huge impact on your year’s rewards. Play your cards right and you could be saving you and your family upwards of $500.00 a month that can be used for memories or needs!

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