When Should You Change Your Pillows?

How many times have you woken up with a stiff neck in the past few weeks? Chances are that the majority of us will answer at least once or twice. Usually this is a good indicator that your pillow may not be up to the task of supporting your property anymore. Aside from the discomfort you could potentially receive from an old pillow, there are also possible skin and breathing concerns that could arise. That is why we felt it important enough to discuss when it is an appropriate time to replace your pillow or pillows.

Replacing a Pillow

Many times people will wait entirely too long before replacing their pillow. Either they don’t realize it is the pillow causing their issues, or they don’t believe it. Either way, sleep is the cornerstone of any proper day, just as the food we eat. Would you settle for rotted food? I doubt it. Your pillow should be no different. In light of this, it is important to replace your pillows generally every 6 months.

Health Reasons to Replace a Pillow

One of the biggest reasons you want to replace your pillow is when it is no longer comfortable for an entire night’s sleep. However, there are health reasons that you should also be paying attention to. While we sleep our bodies use the opportunity to not only shed skin and hair, but secrete oils as well. All of this ends up on your pillow and each week is just another layer of that waste in and on your pillow. Eventually this could lead to odors you will most definitely find unpleasant.

Regular Pillows Versus Memory Foam Pillows

When it comes to comfort, if you are using a standard pillow from the store, it is a good idea to replace it every six months or when you notice discomfort or issues. However, if you have a memory foam, or a pillow with more structural integrity, you could get by without changing your pillow for nearly 2 years or more. That’s not to say that every pillow will last that long. There are still hair and skin particles as well as oil, so to ensure the longevity of your pillow it is important to keep your pillow cases clean and checked.

Prolonged Life

Some people say that if you were to clean your pillow at least every three weeks you could get a long life out of it. This will help wash away all the skin and hair debris as well as oils that you leave on your pillow while you sleep. However, washing your pillow can also cause issues with the inside stuffing or even break seams. So make sure you are following proper instructions when you use your washing machine.

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