The 101: Types of Real Estate Investments

Times constantly change, and everyday someone or some group of people are working to change the way(s) we make money off of not just investments in general, but in the Real Estate world as well. The list of types that we provide you is not the end all be all, but is a guide to help someone who is starting out navigate the sometimes confusing world of Real Estate investing. Some of the easier types for beginners include:

Single-Family Residential

These are your normal everyday households that contain just one family. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes there are more than one family packed in them, but for all intents and purposes the single-family dwelling is for just that, a single family.

Multi-Family Residential

These are often called “doubles”, where it is one building that has multiple units inside. Not quite as big as an apartment complex, but not a single-family dwelling. Sometimes these properties can share gas lines, water lines, washer / dryer, and more.


Most of us are pretty familiar with apartments as we probably lived in one during or after college, or currently live in one now. Almost 20% of the United States’ population live in apartments. Often times there are shared community areas, swimming pools, laundry facilities, utilities and more. Apartments are also a great place to make extra income by installing vending machines and other luxury items for your tenants.


Commercial properties are those used by business to make money or perform tasks that are required in order to make money with the business. Sometimes these can be storefronts, or even bigger warehouses. One of the best aspects of commercial real estate is there is always a new bright-eyes business looking to get into a vacant spot once they learn about it, especially if it is located in a very nice and accessible area.


Mixed-use properties are generally those businesses your see that have residential space or apartments above them. The owner of the property can lease both the residential units and the commercial unit. This could many things from a store front, to storage, to nightclubs and more. Often times these area can also include things like vending machines, or other ancillary methods of making more income.

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