The 101 : Real Estate Investing Basics

The world of real estate investing is a lot like the classic board game Monopoly. The purpose of the game is to obtain properties across the board, avoid going bankrupt, and generate rent from your properties in order to to buy even more properties, or expand your current properties, thus making more money. Of course real estate investing is a bit more complicated than a simple game, but the concepts are the same. Learning about the available properties, how to obtain them, and most importantly how to make money off of them, is the name of the game. Learning the basics of how to navigate the complex work of real estate investing can save you a lot of time and heartache, so we have decided to bring you the Basics of Real Estate Investing. A multi-part series of newsletters aimed at educating you, potential investor, or even practicing investors just wanting to learn a little more about the basics. The topics we will be covering are:

Ways to Make Money With Real Estate Investing

When it comes to any kind of investing one of the most important questions to ask is, “How will I make the money I need to turn a profit?”. As this is the reason most people get into investing in the first place it is one of the more in-depth sections discussing appreciation, cash flow, equity, and even tax advantages.

Types Of Real Estate Investments

As many of your already know, there are multiple forms of real estate investments. From single-family residential units, to multi-family residential unit, and even things like apartments, and group housing. There is also money to be made in the commercial sector, and we’ll even be discussing mixed-use properties and how these can be utilized for even more cash flow.

How To Choose Investment Properties

So you know what kind of money there is to be made, a little bit about how you go about making it, and also what types of properties you can focus on to get yourself start in the amazing world of real estate investing. What’s next? Of course that is choosing properties and more importantly, knowing HOW to find the right properties for you and your plans. This will be a very insightful piece of the puzzle so make sure you don’t miss it!

How To Purchase Investment Properties

After learning about how to make money, and where to make that money, it will be very important to begin focusing on HOW. How do you plan to get yourself in the scenario to buy the needed properties? How do you get yourself ready for loans? What kind of loans are there? We’ve got you covered.

The Risks Of Real Estate Investing

It all sound so simple on paper, and you almost get the feeling of, “what can go wrong?”. And this can almost be a false sense of security. Keeping your head above water in the world of real estate investing isn’t a given, it is something you will have to learn and learn and learn some more, because like many things that make you money, they have a cost. And learning how to navigate the cost, the risk, and all the solutions is imperative to being a successful investor. Don’t miss this amazing installment.

We hope that once you have read what we have to offer you throughout the series you will be ready to make your plans to become a real estate investing superstar!

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