Top 7 Reasons to Have Renters Insurance

When it comes to our home it is important to make sure that not only our family is safe, but also the things that matter most to our family. This could be keepsakes, or even awesome electronics that we couldn’t bare to part with. Renters insurance is a great way to cover your home, your family, and your belongings in case of a disaster of some sort. Here are 7 reasons why renters insurance should be on the top of your list.

1. Personal Property Damage or Theft

One of the biggest and best parts about rental insurance is that is covers majority of your personal property from damage or theft. Now this doesn’t mean that every toy your purchase will be covered under insurance. However, if there is a fire or your home is broken into, then your insurance will work with you to make sure that all claimable items are replaced or you are compensated for them.

2. Cover The Damage You Cause

Some renters insurance policies will include the damage caused to the home you live in by you. This can come in handy when you’re faced with hefty fines from your landlord when you accidentally cause large amounts of damage to the property that would otherwise be unaffordable.

3. Protect Your Guests

The renters insurance policy doesn’t just protect your home and property, it will also protect you and your guests. This means that if grandma comes over and falls and hurts herself, you can rush her to the hospital without worry because your insurance will be there to help you. Be sure to always pay careful attention to the details of your policy to ensure you have the proper coverage needed.

4. May be Required by Landlord

Some states and some landlords require that you keep renters insurance the duration of your stay. This ensures that any damage or loss that may occur is covered and of course, you are kept safe.

5. Travel Protection

Travel. That’s right, your renters insurance policy can actually cover you and your property while on vacation. Of course all levels of coverage differ, but when utilized effectively, your policy can protect the same on the road as it does at home. Theft, damage, you name it, it’s covered.

6. Additional Living Expenses

Additional Living Expenses is a coverage option for most renters insurance policies that will provide compensation to you for time that you are unable to live in your home. This could either be because of a disaster, or repairs, or whatever the case may be.

7. Affordability

On average the policy cost of renters insurance is about $15/month, or just a little over $180 a year. That is nothing compared to the peace of mind that it provides for you, your family, and your landlord.

No matter your scenario, renters insurance has definitely proven itself to be worth the investment in order to protect your family and your belongings. Buckeye Northwest Realty is always here to help, if you have any questions at all please contact us today!

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