10 Packing Tips For Moving To A New Home

Believe it or not, packing up and moving houses can go relatively smoothly if done correctly. Some of you are currently making a face like, "What?????". Believe me, it is true! I'm about to give you a little insight, 10 packing tips for moving to a new home!

Before you start mentally calculating how to pack up your home and consequently stressing yourself out, put these hacks and tricks into motion and you'll have everything sorted in no time.

Bring Out the Notepad

Lay it all out on paper by creating a clear moving checklist, complete with the timeline required, before the big day. Perhaps you have two months or two weeks, depending on the amount of things you have spare enough time to realistically pack everything. Displaying your objectives for moving on a checklist allows you to have a handle on events as they unfold.

Hire Professional Movers?

If you're packing and doing the whole shindig yourself, it may help to hire professional movers to take some of the weight off your shoulders. Professional movers would be able to dismantle and pack up everything from kitchen cutlery to large cupboards and beds. While it is an added cost they can definitely make relocating much, much easier.


Moving is the best time to get rid of things you no longer need or use. Instead of packing up every nook and cranny of your home, make the decision to figure out what you actually want/need as opposed to what can be tossed or donated.

A good way of knowing whether you want to pack something is visualising the object in your new space. Having clear measurements of your new home will let you know whether you can fit in the L-shaped sofa or king-sized bed or if you'd have to purchase new furniture and leave the old behind.

Pack an Hour/Day

Break down the load of packing into an hour each day. Making progress everyday is better than procrastinating till the end and overwhelming yourself. Also, small successes really can make a person feel much better. Why not?

Start by tackling portions of rooms to organise each space into boxes. This keeps your items together and not jumbled up in different boxes.

The Essentials

Put all your essentials in a large container, bag, or box for when you first move in. This way you can relax for a while before unpacking. Unpacking can take a few days, or even weeks, so having a bag with your necessities such as clean clothes, deodorant, some snacks, a toothbrush, etc, will come in very handy to have some downtime.

Don't Over Pack

It will be tempting to shove everything tightly to reduce the amount of overall items you will have to transport. This could just lead to other issues. The more you stuff into boxes the heavier the load and all boxes have limits. Keep your largest box to no more than 50lbs. so that you would be able to move and lift these boxes without struggling too much.

The Right Size

A tip to remember is to pack heavy items in small boxes and lighter items in larger boxes. This makes it easier to organize and pack the boxes for transport. Another tip to remember when loading things is that the heaviest boxes should go on the bottom where the lighter boxes go on top.

The Breakables

The fragile items that you pack should be safely wrapped and bunched up in lots of paper and padding to prevent them from breaking. Add clothing and foam peanuts for some extra cushion if you need extra comfort.

Adding foam peanuts will prevent items shifting around the box during the move. Spending the extra time and money on this stuff will prevent you from the shock of seeing broken expensive china.

Label Everything

Labelling the boxes with an appropriate name will actually save you considerable headaches down the road. Additionally you should also label pieces of furniture to make things less confusing when putting something back together. Label cables, drawers and doors so that you know which goes where. This way you can easily put the proper item in the proper area and leave out all the guess work.

Plastic Wrap

Take care of objects that have potential to spill. This can range from shampoo to hot sauce. Put all your leakable items in ziploc bags, additionally wrap the entire box up in plastic. This will reduce the possibility of a spill or leakage.

Hopefully these tips help assist you in your next move and reduce the stress that comes with it.

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