3 Things to Try During COVID-19

Sitting at home while switching between work and your favorite show is a repetitive and very boring routine. Fortunately, there are plenty of things that you can do at home to pass the time by. Despite all the challenges and changes we've had to overcome with COVID-19 and quarantine, there are also a few benefits that come with it. It's important to look at the bright side of things and take advantage of the situation to make the most out of it. Filling up your days with fun activities will give you the energy and motivation to continue through these tough times. So what kind of things can you do?

Learn to Cook

If one of your concerns is ordering food or going out for a meal then try cooking something for yourself in the comforts of your home. There’s never been a better time to spend in your kitchen trying out new recipes. Cooking is a very useful and beneficial skill to have. If you’ve got the time, find some fun recipes in a book or online and give them a shot. There have been multiple cooking trends that have taken to social media such as banana bread or dalgona coffee.

There are multiple videos online that show you how to prepare different foods in detail which are easy to follow. Grab a friend or family member and try cooking the meals together, or even better, do a cookoff followed by a taste test.

Whether you're cooking for yourself or family members you can improve your skills by trying out creative foods that would appeal to everyone. Try baking different cakes, brownies or even cookies. If you’re feeling especially adventurous try making different flavors of ice cream.

Take Up Working Out

Staying home most of the time can equate to less moving and more eating making it harder to stay motivated and diligent to regular workouts. Fortunately gyms are not the only place where people can work out and stay fit. There has been a rise in free home workouts on youtube that people all around the world have taken to follow. Videos range from full body workouts to videos that focus on target areas. You can take advantage of this time and come out of quarantine with your best summer body.

There are many benefits that come with working out at home. You have your own personal space without any disruptions, you can also pause the videos whenever you need a break. If working out by yourself seems boring, bring in some friends or family members and have a great sweat session burning calories together.

Some youtubers even have live workout sessions where people all around the world can work out with them in real time and communicate through the chat box. These videos are incredibly motivating and fun especially knowing you are joining a worldwide audience who are on the same fitness journey as you.

Host Weekly Family Zoom or Meet Sessions

Zoom is one of those video apps whose audience has skyrocketed during this pandemic, right alongside Google’s Meet. These apps have helped millions of families and friends reconnect and keep in touch despite the distance. People have been able to contact and video call with their family members from all across the world. Maintaining a safe distance from people can take a toll on your mental health which is why it's important to use video apps like these to communicate with your close friends and relatives.

By hosting a weekly session with all your loved ones you will be able to not only catch up with each other's lives regularly but also be able to strengthen bonds by playing virtual activities and games with each other. These apps can also be used to connect if you want to work out virtually or cook together.

There are many ways to keep active and busy while sticking to the constraints of your home. Whether you are quarantining by yourself or with your family, there are multiple activities to take part in virtually or physically while protecting yourself and your loved ones. These fun activities can teach you a new skill, or keep you fit and will prove to be beneficial to you.

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