5 Ways to Protect Your Family Against Break Ins

Imagine coming home from work or an event and finding out that someone has broken in and either taken or destroyed many, if not all, of the things that you hold most dear. Not only did they hurt and take your things but they have also damaged you and your family’s sense of security. With over 77% of all crimes in the US being burglary it isn’t really one of those “It won’t happen to me” type scenarios. In fact, three out of four homes will be broken into within the next 20 years in the United States according to shocking statistics. Everyone needs to learn how to keep their family and home protected so we have compiled a list of five great ways to protect your family against break ins.

1. Rental Insurance

It goes without saying that if a break in does occur you and your family stand to not only lose a lot of property but also may have to deal with possible damage. It doesn’t exactly stop a burglar from entering your home, but it does ensure that any items that have been damaged or lost can be replaced (even if their sentimental value cannot).

2. Security System

Now a days home security systems are much more affordable and easier to install than they used to be, and sometimes don’t require any wiring at all. Even if your security system is not monitored by a company, there are still options on some systems that allow sending of messages to your phone, and almost all security systems come with some kind of loud and annoying siren to thwart any would-be burglars.

If you have the ability to get a WiFi camera installed in your home it can be an amazing way to get alerted when something changes in your home. When a burglar (or anyone for that matter) walk within the range of the camera you can set it to notify you and also send you pictures of what it sees in case you don’t want to login and view the feed itself. This is an amazing tool in not only watching your property but also possibly identifying the intruder.

3. Lock Doors and Windows

This seems like a very simple one, but you’d be shocked at home many times burglars enter their victim’s homes by simply opening the front door. It is important that you keep all windows and doors locked to your home when you are gone for the day. Majority of burglars will watch and learn your habits and they will know exactly when to strike and it doesn’t make sense that they would want you home when they do. If you have a smart door lock check to see if your particular model has an auto-lock feature that will lock your door for your when you leave. If your smart door lock has a passcode make sure it is not “1,2,3,4,5” or the like or your home address, as this would be simple for someone to try.

4. Automatic Timers

This used to be utilized mostly for lights, but now a days you can automate loads of things in your home. Blinds can be raised, lowered, opened, or closed. Doors can be locked from outside of your home, and you can even turn up or down your thermostat. All of these benefits are twofold as they not only help you keep down costs in your home, they can also be utilized to give the appearance that someone is home when in fact the home may be empty. Get creative and use the world of home automation to your advantage.

5. Get to Know Your Neighbors

It seems simple enough, but all too often people live somewhere for years and year and never get to know their neighbors. Sure they may come and go, but the extra set of eyes they provide may be the difference between a burglary and an attempt. It can never hurt to have those around you looking out for your best interest. Likewise, make sure if you notice anything suspicious around your home and neighborhood, report it to police right away.

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