Cheap Ways to Cool Off This Summer

Not every house or apartment you rent in your lifetime will come equipped with the best means of keeping you and your family cool during the hottest summer months. Window air conditioning units are a blessing compared to having no AC at all, however, they don’t always get the job done. That is why today we’ve decided to find some cheap ways to keep cool this summer. Check them out below now!

Close Blinds during direct sunlight

Closing your blind to reduce heat is a very straight-forward and simple process, but the benefits that it can provide are definitely worth the effort. During the day, the sun can shine through your windows and allow heat to enter your home. Little by little this small amount of heat mixed with other things in your home can lead to an overall increase in temperature in your home, and in the long run, a larger electric bill. Make sure that if you are leaving your home for the day, to close the blinds on windows that the sun shines directly into.

Clean Fridge Coils

Cleaning your refrigerator coils isn’t exactly a way to keep YOURSELF cooler, but it does have a large impact on our summer vibe. If the coils on the back become gunked up with dust, dirt, and debris it could lead to an overworked fridge that is not keeping your food cold enough. You may find that your milk is going bad faster, or that frozen items like ice cream and popsicles won’t freeze all the way. Now these could be signs of bigger issues, but the best place to start is by cleaning the coils located on the back. By making this part of your monthly routine you can ensure that your fridge isn’t working too hard and using too much energy to keep your food as cool as it needs to be.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a great way to keep air circulating through your home. During the winter is said that you should have your fans running clockwise to push warm air down to warm up your home. However, in the summer we want to do the opposite. Make sure your ceiling fan is set to counter clockwise motion that will lift hot air, making it easier to cool your home.

Furnace Filter or AC Filter

When it comes to air’s ability to move throughout your house, the furnace filter tops the list as one of the most important pieces to the puzzle (provided your home has central air conditioning). Not only should the filter be changed every 30 days (give or take a few depending on how many people live in your house) to provide maximum air quality for those living in your house, but if you don’t change it frequently the amount of debris and build-up on the filter can actually stop the air from fully flowing through the furnace. This means very little cold air coming out of the vents. Be sure to check your furnace filter once a week to make sure it isn’t too “gunked up”. If it is, simply put in a new one based on the manufacturer’s instructions.

Use Bathroom Fans When Taking Hot Showers

The amount of heat that builds up in the bathroom when you take a hot shower is actually quite a bit. If you’re like most people, you take showers that are just a little too warm, and a little too long. All this extra heat can add unneeded degrees on your thermostat. Make sure you turn on the fan in your bathroom and it will help this greatly. As the hot air rises, the fan sucks it up and pushes it out of your house.

LED Bulbs

Of course it goes without saying that the heat a light bulb can give off won’t keep your warm if your heat goes out in the winter. However, when you think about how many bulbs are in your home and how long those bulbs may be running, over time that amount adds up. And in some cases there is not central air in a house and every single degree matters greatly. LED can help you greatly. Not only do they use considerably less energy and last much much longer, but they also produce virtually no heat when compared to a normal light bulb.

Get Out of the House

When all else fails and you’re simply going crazy cooking in your home or apartment, get out! Go to the pool, or go find an amazing splash pad. Sometimes just drinking a nice refreshing beverage with ice is the way to go. Find your favorite local restaurant and sit down and enjoy their amazing menu as well as their AC.

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