Don’t Leave For Vacation Without Doing These 5 Things

Vacation is something so many of us have in common. Whether you’re actually going on vacation yourself or know someone close to you that is, it can be an extremely exciting time. However, excitement isn’t the only thing on the rise when you’re planning on taking a trip, along with it is your vulnerability. Today we’ll cover five things you should always do before leaving your home or apartment for a vacation!


Considering our extensive love for pets here at Buckeye Northwest Realty, we may as well start here! It is extremely important that you plan care for your furry little friend while you’re planning on being away. You can hire a pet sitter, or find a friend or relative that is willing to help with the care while you’re away. One thing that comes highly recommended is to make sure your dogs are crate trained (if you own a dog) as this will cut down on the fear and anxiety when you are away. It is important to plan all food, litter, treats, and toys accordingly because your friend will need very little change to their routine for complete success.


It is always good to let your landlord know that you will be leaving, that way if anyone happens to report any strange activity at your home or apartment, they will know right away that it is not you. It also may provide them with a window in which to perform any needed repairs or maintenance if this is permitted in the lease agreement.


One of the biggest indicators of being away on vacation is when your mail begins to pile up. Any would-be burglar will quickly notice that and plan accordingly. So make sure you enlist a family member, friend, or neighbor to be in charge of gathering your mail and taking it inside.


Depending on the amount of money you’re wanting to spend, there are various things you can do to help protect your home or apartment while you’re away. The first, and cheapest, method is to simply ask one of your neighbors to keep an eye on your home while you’re away. Another method would be to purchase light timers to deter some would-be burglars by making it look like someone is at home. Now, if you’re really wanting to protect your belongings and property you can invest in a security system, and we’d recommend a smart security system. One that can work in concert with smart lights, smoke detectors, and even cameras inside and outside your residence.

Home Electronics

As previously covered, the use of security systems in your home provides assurance that everything is okay while you’re away. If you’re planning to dabble in the smart home devices there are cameras, sensors, motion detectors, smoke detectors, water leak detectors, smart lights, the list goes on and on. All of these devices can work together to really keep your home as secure as possible while you’re away.

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