How to Clean and Protect Flooring in Your Rental

There are many reasons that you may put your security deposit in jeopardy. From breaking lease early, damaging walls, or in this case, damaging or not properly caring for the flooring inside your rental home. Follow along because today we will be covering everything you’ll need to know to take care of and protect the flooring in your rental home brought to you by Buckeye Northwest Realty - house for rent in Toledo, Ohio.


Well it only makes sense to begin with the biggest of issues as it pertains to the flooring in your rental home, which of course is pets. There is definitely a reason that landlords will require a pet deposit, increased rent, or many other fail safes to protect their investment in a rental property. From peeing on carpets to scratching up floors or walls pets can quickly do damage that adds up to a pretty penny. So one of the best things you as a responsible pet owner can do is make sure you know the habits of your pet and whether or not steps need to be taken to ensure they will not destroy the flooring (or anything else for that matter)


If there is enough carpet throughout your apartment or rental home it may be a good idea to get your hands on a carpet cleaner. This can oftentimes be your best friend when it comes to getting up stains and horrible smells left by food, drinks, pets, or kids. Make sure to always test whatever cleaner you will be using on the carpet in a small area to make sure it will not do any damage to the carpets. It is also worth noting that you should never rub a stain. In almost all cases the best course of action is to blot the area to lift any stains that are present without making the situation worse.

Wood Floor

Hardwood floors can look more durable than carpet, but this is definitely not always the case. Moisture can destroy a pretty wood floor and any form of moisture can do the job. If pet urine, water, soda, or any other liquid sits on wood for too long it will always do damage. This rings especially true if it gets between the boards or down under the boards themselves.So make sure to clean up any spills immediately.


When it comes to tile it takes a bit to do real damage. Staining and gunk buildup can happen over time, but this doesn’t really always do long term damage. Things falling hard on tile can sometimes chip or break it, and if the subfloor becomes exposed water damage can occur including mold, etc. So it is suggested to put a mat in front of the sink to stop potential pots, pans, cups, or dishes from falling and smashing into the floor. If you do notice any broken areas of tile be sure to contact your landlord right away and let them know so they can begin to plan to fix the issue before it gets any worse.


It is very important to know what kind of cleaners will work for the kind of flooring you have in your house or apartment. Natural hardwood floors of all sorts use different kinds of cleaners than laminate wood flooring. And of course carpets will have their own specialized cleaners and methods of cleaning. So do your homework so you never have to worry about causing damage to the flooring in your home.

Food For Thought

Think about doing things like laying down a welcome may or having visitors remove their shoes to protect and prolong the life of carpets. Maybe lay another carpet or carpet strip down in higher traffic areas to provide a little more protection. They even make plastic strips you can use if you want to make that jump. Not matter what kind of flooring you have in your apartment or house, one thing always remains the same - if they are not protected and cleaned they will quickly fall apart and become one of the biggest eyesores in the place, not to mention could cost you your security deposit. So be sure to always follow our guide to make sure your floors stay tip top!

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