How To Ensure Your Rental Application Will Be Approved

Renting a new home comes with a lot of ins and outs. Once you’ve found out the property that you’ve decided is the best fit for you and your family, all that's left to do is to submit your application and wait to be approved. That wait can sometimes be unbearable. So how do we ensure that the wait isn't a waste? What can we do to make our applications appealing and stand out from the others? You're in luck, we'll go over a few items to ensure your rental application gets approved.

Cover Letters

Cover letters are not just for jobs but are also useful when it comes to submitting rental applications. On your letter make sure to add details that highlight your interest in the property and capability to be a good tenant such as:

  • Why you want to move into to the rental
  • Why you would be a good tenant
  • Your history as a renter
  • Your current employment situation
  • Notify the landlord that references can be available if requested

The cover letter does not have to be lengthy, a one or so paragraphs is more than enough to convince the landlord you would be a good fit. But emphasize your interest in why you believe you would be the most ideal tenant.

Include All Required Documentation

When submitting your application, include all the required information and documentation the first time around so the landlord does not have to chase you for details. Information that can typically be included is:

  • Rental Application
  • Drivers licence
  • Paystubs and last tax return
  • Social security number
  • Rental history
  • References
  • Job history

With an application that consists of all necessary details it makes your life easier as well as the landlord's, and it puts you on a pedestal from other applications that lack details. The goal is to convince the landlord that you have all the necessary information and that everything checks out. This makes you a very desirable candidate as it shows that you are very organized and prepared.

Manage Your Credit Score

Your credit score shows how reliable you could be as a tenant. If your score is not up to par, look at steps that you can take to improve your score in the shortest period of time. Things like paying down debts and paying your bills on time moving forward can make a considerable impact.

Share Quality References

To portray your candidacy in the best light drop in references from previous landlords or employers you've had good experiences with so they can put in a good word if required. This could take a while but if it helps you get your rental application approved then it's all worth it.

The Ideal Candidate

In order to become the perfect candidate you need to know what landlords look for. Responsibility in a tenant is key. Landlords want someone who respects the property and pays their bills on time without hassle or delay. Landlords also look at how many people will be living in the property. The more the people the higher the risk of damage to the rental. This ratio depends on rooms to residents.

Overall the process of selecting a rental for you to live in, is a tedious enough job so don't be afraid to go all out when completing your rental application.

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