How To Give Notice To Your Landlord

You’ve found a new place and may have even started packing out of excitement, all that's left for you to do is give the landlord notice that you plan to move out. So where do you start?

When a tenant decides to leave a rental home, it is very important to provide the landlord with a written notice-to-vacate letter. This is also known as a lease termination letter.

Is the Lease Termination Letter Necessary?

Even if your rental agreement has an official end date listed, it is still very important to provide proper notice before actually leaving the property. By giving your landlord notice in advance, you're allowing them time to find a new tenant, fix issues, or whatever may be needed to rent the place again.. But how much time do you need to give before moving out?

When to Give Your Written Notice to Vacate?

It really all depends on your lease. Some landlords say 30 days notice and others require 45 or even 60 days notice. Double-check your lease agreement to see what it says, or check with your landlord.

Can a Lease Be Terminated Early?

This depends solely on your lease agreement that you signed to rent your current home. For example, some permit a tenant to leave the rental before their is up, but will require you to pay a penalty. If you have to move before your lease is up you should always provide a termination letter with enough time for your landlord to find a new tenant.

Landlord's Right to Show Unit

Once you have officially given notice of your intent to move out, the landlord has the right to show the unit to other potential tenants. However, it is important to remember that the landlord should be giving 24-48 hours notice before showing the unit.

Walk-Through Inspection

Tenants are required to return their rental home in the same condition as it originally was issued. Certain states will require landlords to perform walkthrough inspections before the tenant moves out to check for any damage that isn’t considered “normal wear and tear”. Sometimes your landlord may even give you the option of fixing the damages prior to moving out so that you can still receive your security deposit back.

What is in a Notice-to-Vacate Letter?

When it comes to writing a letter to your landlord that you intend to vacate your rental property, here are a few points that should be mentioned. First, mention the details of the rental unit briefly, then give details about your coming departure. It is important to note the actual date your lease ends, as well as the date in which you plan to be out of your rental.

Then go ahead and state the reason for why you're leaving your rental, for example if you have a new job, or rent has increased. If there were issues with your rental unit that lead to your decision in moving then state that in your letter as well. Then make a clear request on when you will be receiving your security deposit (if at all).

When Should You Expect Your Security Deposit?

Your rental agreement has requirements that you must meet including (but not limited to) the condition of your rental upon moving out, and also the length of your lease. If you have fulfilled your side of the agreement then (usually) your landlord will send your remaining security deposit amount to you within 30-60 days after moving out. Make sure to communicate with your landlord or property manager to find out exactly how the funds will be disbursed if applicable.

What Happens if You Don’t Give Notice?

Not giving your landlord proper notice before moving out can have a lot of negative results. First and foremost, it puts the landlord in a horrible scenario of making sure the rent is paid for your unit. There is a very good chance you will be responsible for paying the entire term of the lease agreement. For example, if you only give your landlord a 15 day notice before the day you want to move out, you will most probably have to pay for that entire month (at least).

Sending out your notice-to-vacate letter early not only shows respect to your landlord, but it also prevents you from having to pay any additional money.

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