I Am a Renter: What Are My Rights?

So imagine the air conditioning in your home stops working in the middle of July and your landlord conveniently stopped responding to your emails and phone calls. So I guess at this point drinking cold drinks and attempting to fan yourself to sleep isn't going to cut it, and you can't help but wonder when is my landlord required to fix the issue?

Well you’re in luck because your renter rights state that your landlord should have been making arrangements to fix the repairs as soon as the issue occurred. Or at least as soon as you've reported it.  As a tenant there are many rights that work in your favor to make sure you have a happy, healthy, home. We are going to go over a few of the basics rights a renter can expect.

Fair Housing Act

You have rights even before signing your rental agreement. The Fair Housing act states that a landlord cannot refuse housing to an individual based of ethnicity, sexual orientation, or disability. This means that even though they have final say in the agreement, if you at all suspect any kind of discrimination, you are encouraged to file a complaint with the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Disabled Tenants

For tenants with special needs you have every right to make changes to your apartment, such as ramps or bathroom grab bars. This is called "reasonable accommodations" and should be made by the landlord. However, you may have to pay for the changes yourself or remove them before moving out. Keep in mind that a landlord may not agree to certain changes that are very expensive or deemed unreasonable.

Clean Livable Conditions

Basic plumbing, electricity, and heat are a necessity in a space for it to be habitable. Beyond these needs, it may vary by state on how long a landlord is required to provide them, and what tenants can do if their needs are not being met. The length of the repair usually depends on what the issue is. If, for example, the condition of the property has you concerned for your health you can leave the property and argue for an eviction.  However, if the problems are pertaining to heating or plumbing the landlords must fix them within 24 hours. For minor repairs landlords have 48 hours.

Security Deposits

Landlords gain peace of mind by collecting a security deposit because it gives them leverage on handling certain problems that can come up with the renters. Different states have their own guidelines as to how much a landlord is allowed to ask for in a security deposit.

In the case that you are renting a fully furnished apartment, your landlord may ask your for three months rent, whereas for unfurnished apartments they may only ask you for one or two months rent. As a standard rule, all security deposits have to be refundable so depending on how well you take care of your rental or any other contractual issues you may or may not see that money again.

Notice of evictions

Perhaps your time is up at this rental and your landlord wants to discontinue your tenancy. Depending on how long you’ve resided at the property the landlord may give you a 30-60 day notice period to vacate the property. However, if you are being evicted from the property then you are left with a humble three days to vacate the premises.


As a tenant you don't own the home you are living in, but you are still entitled to privacy from your landlord. They would not be allowed to enter your rental property without a written notice unless there is an emergency or you've decided to flee the unit. If your landlord needs to enter your home to inspect and make repairs they should give you 24 to 48 hours of notice.

It is always important to know your rights as a renter to establish what you should do in any situation that occurs with your landlord.

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