Life and COVID-19: What has Change in Daily Living Routines

Ever since the emergence of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) people all around the world have had to make drastic changes to their lifestyles and daily routines. Before all this happened, my phone and wallet were all I needed when heading out the door for the day. Now instincts have changed and we must make sure to grab a mask and hand sanitizer before even thinking of our phones. We have all made adjustments, whether minor or major, to adapt to life and a rapidly spreading virus.

So what kind of adjustments have people made? How much different has life actually become than what it used to be?

Going Out for Basic Necessities

Most people are weary about going to the grocery store to get their necessities due to  encountering large crowds that could possibly spread the virus. Some people have entirely shifted to online shopping and home deliveries just so they won't have to interact with others or touch public items like shopping carts, supermarket shelving and other points or spots that can all contain the virus and spread COVID-19.

Some take further precautions with their online deliveries by choosing contactless delivery options, wearing masks when receiving their orders, or even unpacking and sanitizing their packages outside before bringing them into their homes.

Doctor Visits

Going into hospitals or clinics for a check up seems much riskier than ever. The thought of being surrounded by possibly sick patients is enough to make anyone fear the event. Health authorities advise against visiting your doctor unless it is absolutely necessary. A better option would be to phone up your doctor or even do a virtual consultation. If you have concerns about being infected or think you've contracted the virus and need to get tested right away. There are many locations to get free COVID-19 testing completed, but make sure you tell them you are having symptoms so they can take any extra precautions needed.

Our Animals

Unfortunately people aren't the only ones that risk catching the virus as multiple pets have been tested positive for the virus. Take precautionary measures by not letting your pets out as much or by taking your dogs out for walks in places that aren't crowded. It is suggested to postpone non-urgent veterinary visits until a later time. However if you have to take your pet to the vet, pick a suitable time or place an appointment during a time where the clinic may be the least crowded. Veterinary clinics in certain areas have started taking their own safety measures by assisting pet owners in the parking lot and taking the carrier in themselves to limit interaction and the number of people entering the clinic.

Social Gatherings?

It's summer and nothing feels better than inviting a couple of friends over to cool off in the pool. However, whether you are attending a small gathering or hosting one, take certain precautionary measures to ensure the safety of your guests as well as yours. So far there is no evidence that states that COVID-19 can be spread to people through recreational waters so feel free to enjoy a pool day with your friends as long as a safe distance is maintained.

Cleaning Clothes

We know that contact and exposure is the most common risk of getting infected. Some research suggests that the virus can live up to three days on certain materials or surfaces. So what about our clothes? As a hygienic practice, you should change out of the clothes you've worn outside as soon as you enter your home. As for the best method on how to safely wash your clothes? Use the warmest appropriate setting for washing your clothes, towels and bedding. Proceed to dry them fully at a high temperature. This will eliminate any risks and disinfect your laundry. If you're lucky enough to own a dryer and washing machine at home this will be much easier.

On the other hand, if you rely on going to a laundromat or shared laundry facilities there are a few things to keep in mind. Laundromats are generally pretty small and all the machines are packed closely together which makes transfering the virus much easier. Never forget your mask  and avoid going during peak hours this will help cut down risks. 

Fortunately most places have a limit on the number of people that can be in the space at a time. Another good idea would also be to wipe down the machines before and after using them. This will ensure you don't touch any contaminated surfaces. Another tip is to not hang around between wash and dry cycles, limiting your time and exposure in the laundromat will help protect yourself. Maybe take a walk outside, or sit in your car.

Living your best life in the midst of an ongoing pandemic may seem like a task however it is definitely doable. People can continue their usual routines and go on about their lives as they used to. However in order to protect themselves and others, there are a few additional steps and precautions you should remember to take.

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