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When summer rolls around, so do the crowds at public pools and beaches. There are a few no-risk activities during the pandemic, but that doesn't mean you are only restricted to those. At the end of the day where's the fun in warm weather if you can't take a refreshing dip in cold waters, right?

We know that the Coronavirus can spread via droplets in the air but there is no current evidence of the virus spreading to people through water in pools. As of now we know that COVID-19 is inactivated by chlorine, an additive in commercial pools.

Public Pool Safety

If you're taking a fun trip to the pool, take the extra step of calling pool management to find out if they are complying with Covid-19 safety rules for aquatic venues. If they are following  less strict guidelines than CDC, you can still follow the recommended precautions to reduce the risks.

Make sure the aquatic venue you're heading to, is strictly outdoor as virus particles can linger in the air for hours without adequate ventilation.

Make a reservation beforehand as the number of people allowed in the water and locker rooms may be limited. In order to reduce your time in locker rooms and indoor areas, you can change into your swim clothing at home. This makes you ready to swim as soon as you arrive. If you have children, make sure that they keep a 6-foot distance when in the pool provided they are vaccinated. A 6-foot distance would be approximately a few inches longer than a typical pool noodle. If you're not vaccinated, it may be ideal to just skip the pool for now.

When you're not in the pool you're not going to be wearing a mask which makes physical distance in the water is critical. If you’re looking forward to relaxing in the lounge chairs, bring sanitizing wipes to clean the equipment. Eating and drinking at public pools is discouraged by the CDC because it requires you to take off your mask unless there's a safe distance.

At a pool, the chances of getting your belongings wet someway or another is pretty high, so bring two masks as a wet mask is not useful. If you or your family enjoy using equipment like snorkels or goggles, it's best to bring your own.

Sanitizing is always crucial, but mixed with sunscreen all over your hands makes the sanitizer less effective, so wipe off the sunscreen before disinfecting.


The best way to enjoy the summer with your family and friends while having a peace of mind is by getting vaccinated. You are considered to be fully vaccinated two weeks after the second dose of most vaccines such as Pfizer or Sinopharm. The only way to come closer to the end of the Covid-19 pandemic is to reach a point where it's just as bad as a common cold, this is done by building our immunity and gaining what is called herd immunity. This can only be done and fast-tracked if the population is vaccinated against it. While there's a lot to learn still about the effectiveness of vaccines and the virus, it is basic knowledge that getting vaccinated is the way to go. Vaccines are currently widely available and accessible to everyone above the ages of 12. The vaccine is currently free and there you will not be charged for it.

Studies show that the vaccines are effective in not only keeping you from getting Covid-19, but also from getting seriously ill. The current vaccines available are Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and Sinopharm.

Post Vaccine Safety

If you've already been vaccinated, then that's great! You can get closer to living a normal life again. However we are still learning how long these vaccines will protect us for, so it's ideal that you should continue taking precautions like wearing a mask in indoor public places and avoiding large gatherings.

When it comes to taking part in any social activity, the risk levels depend on the safety measures you adhere to, even after being vaccinated. So be mindful for you and your family, and have fun!

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