Renter Security: Best Ways to Secure Your Rental Home From Break-Ins

Renting a home has many advantages such as being able to move when your lease is over, or even getting into a better location due to price or availability of the homes in the area. However, one of the downsides of renting a home is you can’t do EVERYTHING you want to the property. So when it comes to securing your home, there are some compromises, however you’ll find that you still have a lot you CAN do. For example, as a homeowner you can install any security system you wish, however as a renter you are limited to what your landlord permits. Fortunately there are many easy security measures that you can implement as a renter to protect you and your home.

Renters Insurance

If you are a renter, it would be in your best interest to get renter’s insurance. In fact, sometimes you HAVE to obtain insurance as part of your rental agreement. It's incredibly affordable, especially in comparison to other types of insurance. Rental insurance policies can cover a lot of troublesome situations like home burglaries, water damage and even vandalism. Depending on the type of insurance you've opted for, you may have policies in place that protect you if your car is broken into while parked at the rental property. To get more thorough details on what exactly your insurance covers, ask your insurance provider for clarification.

Secure your doors and windows

The basic points of access during a burglary are the front door, windows and back door. So it's important to start with the locks. If you're a new mover, make sure your landlord has had the locks on the door replaced since the previous tenant. As you can never be sure how many duplicate keys are out there it’s always best to start with new keys and deadbolts for peace of mind. With permission from your landlord, you can install additional door locks or chain locks to make sure your home stays secure. A door jammer is a great security measure for all renters as they are very easy to install and remove, and causes no damage to the doors.

Your windows are the next targeted access, so make sure all of your windows have a functioning lock. In the case that you have sliding windows, you can put a sturdy rod in the tracks to prevent it from opening. Blinds and curtains are the most basic form of keeping your life private to prevent people from getting a glimpse of your business. You can also add glass break sensors which would detect any broken glass.

Install a security system

Drilling holes in a rental home is usually not permitted or preferred which is where wireless alarm systems come in. Wireless alarms systems use adhesive to put door and window sensors in place. You can then use your smartphone for monitoring. Smart devices like Alexa, Google Nest or Ring offer professionally monitored alarm systems.

Use a Decoy

You don't have to invest in expensive security systems to scare off potential burglars. Just purchase some stickers for well known alarms systems on windows and around the property. This easy life hack will make burglars think there's a security system in place and will push your home off their target list.

A research study even found that 60 percent of would-be burglars find a new alternative altogether if there was a presence of a security system in place. To add to the intensity, you can add fake security cameras with blinking led light as they cost a fraction of an actual security camera.

While adding fake cameras and stickers sounds like a good trick, it's not the real deal. So consider using security cameras to monitor your home from anywhere. Keeping your home and belongings safe is incredibly important to live peacefully and comfortably, so by taking the necessary precautions you can prevent possible break ins and burglaries

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