Saving Money and More With LED Light Bulbs

Everyone always talks about “going green”. Sometimes too much, as it seems to be everywhere now a days. And there is a perfectly good reason for that. Sometimes the steps needed to “go green” are the very same steps that come with lower cost and improved efficiency. The best example of this is, of course, LED light bulbs. Learn how these amazing pieces of technology can save you considerable amounts of money over time.

Less Energy Usage Means Lower Electric Bill

How many of us go from room to room each day checking to make sure all the lights are off before leaving? Some of us are lucky and have something like Google Home or Alexa that can control all of the lights in one simple command. For those of us that aren’t, we still have to worry that leaving on all those lights will run up our electric bill. Home automation would be amazing in every single home, but the one constant that can help save you money, home automation aside, is switching to LED light bulbs. On average an LED bulb can use 75% less energy than your standard incandescent light bulbs

Longer Life and More Durability Means Less Changing

Because LED technology is vibration and impact resistant and has a life span of roughly 50,000 hours, changing bulbs constantly is a thing of the past. Compared to the 1,200 hours you get from normal incandescent light bulbs, the LED bulbs seem too good to be true. Not only will you spend less money on your electric bill, but you won’t be replacing them nearly as often. That is precisely why you see the price of LED bulbs a little higher than normal light bulbs in your stores. The price is well worth it, we assure you.

Environmental Impact

As if saving money and increasing lifespan of your light bulbs wasn’t enough, LED bulb technology takes steps to make the whole thing safer and cleaner. LED light bulbs do not contain any toxic mercury, which has been a subject in the past with light bulbs and they also decrease co2 emissions. So to say that LED light bulbs are a great step towards being “green” would be an understatement.

Has switching to LED light bulbs in your home helped save you money? Have you even made the switch? What are some other great money saving tips? Join the conversation on Facebook and let us know your input, we’d love to hear it!

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