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Alexa, is it time to make life better by investing in smart devices?

Living in this current day and age where technology is rapidly changing for the better, it is important to take advantage of these gadgets and implement them into our daily lives. Smart devices such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri are all designed to improve our quality of life and simplify tasks. However if conversing with inanimate objects is not your cup of tea, fear not as there are various types of smart devices with different purposes that will definitely intrigue you.

Voice enabled systems

Electronic voice controlled devices such as the Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri, are compatible with a vast range of home gadgets. Investing in a smart home ecosystem such as these will allow you to control various smart objects around the house. All these objects are connected through high quality wireless internet to provide for high performance, and are capable of simpler tasks and mimicking conversation. For example you can ask your smart device for the weather, or set a timer, save your grocery list or maybe even have it play a song.

Adding to the list of endless advantages you can also set reminders and even listen to news updates. Besides these tasks, they can control other devices around the house if connected to, such as dimming lights and much more.

Smart Thermostat

There are a variety of WiFi based smart thermostats that allow you to control the heating & air conditioning system in your home with the use of an app or your voice. Different thermostats have different features which can include reading the ambient temperature of whichever room it's in and adjust accordingly. Certain unique features can include playing music when connected to a voice enabled system, however don't be disheartened if the sound quality isn't all that great. Some smart thermostats even come with individual room sensors to keep track of the temperature in various rooms. One great example of the smart thermostat is the Ecobee SmartThermostat which has a number of interesting features and is supported by Amazon, Google and Apple products.

Smart Lights

Installing smart lights in your home is a brilliant way to ditch the traditional light bulbs and opt for something a little more fun and money saving. These smart lights come in different tones and hues, in fact there's a whole spectrum of colors available when selecting your light. They come in a wide range of prices as well so you have the option on which setup suits your budget. Schedule your lights to change at specific times from the supported application or routine on your smart home devices. This is a great way to add mood and security to your home.

Smart Door Locks

Smart door locks are amazing as an added form of protection to your family and home. These can be controlled with your phone or even used with GPS proximity features to have the door unlock when you are near. For people who are interested in getting rid of their key system or adding extra protection or access this is a great option as it is much more secure. One brand that makes a wide array of smart locks is August. These devices fit onto your existing deadbolt and allow you to continue using your old key while adding the benefits of a smarter lock. This is, of course, only one of many many smart locks on the market, each offering their own twist on the device.

Smart Cameras

Smart camera systems add an extra layer of protection and safety (even more so when combined with smart locks and other devices). They come in a wide price range and also have a variety of different functions from manufacturer to manufacturer. The most advanced versions contain a wealth of useful features, such as a built in siren to ward off intruders, and can be controlled through the web or smartphone. Majority of smart cameras on the market have good resolution, in fact some high-end smart cameras even have a 4k although majority still stream in 720p or 1080p. In the Arlo SmartCamera range, their devices have a 160 degree field of view, night vision and even a two way audio. Other smart features include automatic zooming and motions tracking. Just like all the other smart devices we’ve discussed here, there are many different versions from numerous manufacturers so take a look around and find the one that works best for you and your family.

Smart DoorBell

Ever not want to get up to see who is at the door? Well smart doorbells can make this a reality, as well as notifications when people walk past the camera, and much more. The most compelling feature of this device is its facial recognition set up by the owner. Once you start tagging your most common visitors the app overtime will recognize them and alert you when they are at your door. Nest Hello is a good example of this device with multiple built in features to provide added safety.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, so-to-speak. The world of smart electronics is vast and seemingly never ending. From outdoor temperature sensors that help set your smart thermostat to automatic blinds that raise and lower based on the sun’s position, the world of ‘smart’ is bringing our world to life and most importantly putting new ways of keeping our family safe right at our fingertips. To learn more about using smart devices stay tuned to the Buckeye Northwest Realty blog as we cover everything rental home and family related.

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