Smart Tech and Your Home: What to Know

In 2019, the talk of smart homes and all the technology that we use on a daily basis is always in our ears. From thermostats to garage door openers that world has come a very long way in what it has to offer us as humans in making our lives easier. With the smart home trend on a consistent rise, we thought it important to touch on a few pieces of tech that could change your daily life for the better.

Smart Thermostat

When it comes to spending money in your home or apartment, nothing is more of a burden on your wallet than the thermostat. On your gas or electric bill, that is. Smart thermostats change all of that. On top of normally receiving a utility rebate, a smart thermostat can adapt to your family, and only do the work it needs to do when it needs to do it. Add in real-time access via your smart phones, geofencing, and much more, a smart thermostat becomes one of the best purchases you can make for your home.

Smart Security

Nothing is more valuable when it comes to keeping you and your family safe than a smart security system. Traditional systems were known for being monitored and notifying the proper authorities in the event of break-ins or fires, etc. Today things are a bit different. Not only can a smart security system notify you of the same things, it can do so much more. When utilized with other smart devices you can be notified of water leaks, glass breaks, when your children enter or leave the house, or you can even see who is at your front door. The possibilities are endless at keeping your family secure.

Smart Lights

Another great way to not only save some money, but also add a little security to your home or apartment. By setting up schedules on your smart lights you can ensure that they never again remain on all night long, or all day long while you’re at work. When it comes to security, you can use your smart lights to make it look like someone is home and actively using the house if you are away or on vacation.

Smart Doorbell

Who wouldn’t want to get rid of that annoying old school doorbell ringing loudly throughout their house? Smart doorbells provide notifications through various methods, and even via loudspeaker so you can keep it traditional if you so choose. Aside from just working as a doorbell, a smart doorbell can also act a 2-way communication device between you and the person at your front door. The camera allows your to see who is entering and leaving your home or even if a package is being delivered. All viewable by your smartphone or device.

Smart Sensors

We’ve touched on this a little above, however there is more to the story. Smart devices in your home add a large amount of cost reduction and security for you and your family, however when they are coupled with the right sensors or other devices, they can do so much more. From humidity and temperature sensor to door sensors, there are many things you can do with the wonderful combination of smart device and sensor.

For example: Your child could come home from school and be seen by your smart doorbell’s camera. When that child opens the front door and enters the house the lights could automatically turn on to welcome them home all while sending you a notification that your child is home. As they walk past the smart thermostat a sensor sees them and begins to either warm or cool the house to a desired temperature to make sure they are comfortable. A smart camera in the kitchen allows you to see what they are doing, and smart sensors on the cabinets and refrigerator let you know someone is making food. At anytime you can video call your child on the smart hub device or if your cameras are equipped with 2-way communication you can just speak to them via the device’s smartphone app.

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