Tips to Keep Your Family Safe When Transitioning Back to Work

During a time where the economy is greatly affected by COVID, many have lost their jobs and others fight desperately to keep their jobs to be able to provide for their families. Many workers have returned to work during their day jobs despite the pandemic. When going out for work, possibilities of being exposed to COVID are high so it's helpful to know all the methods and tips that can be implemented to stay out of harm’s way.

In order to protect yourself as well as your family’s health, here are some simple daily habits to keep you and your family safe.

Before going to work

If you want to take all the possible precautions before heading to work, these are a few things to keep in mind;

Remove any accessories

Take off your watch and jewelry or any other accessories that could come into contact.

Separate your clothing

Wear your personal clothing to work, but bring your work clothes in a washable bag along with shoes that can be easily cleaned.

Use disposable bags

Bring your belongings or your lunch in a disposable bag.

During Work

At work when you're constantly interacting with coworkers and touching public objects it's important to be more aware and cautious and remember these tips.

Sanitize and disinfect regularly

While you're at work remember to disinfect your belongings regularly. These can include your phone, your wallet and any work supplies like printers or keyboards.

Practice correct hand hygiene

Especially after touching any frequently used objects or surfaces.

Avoid handshakes and hugs

Having to create distance from your coworkers and friends may be the hardest of all. Practice maintaining a safe physical distance from everyone which means avoid being in groups larger than ten people.

Always wear appropriate protective gear

Wearing gloves and a mask at all times will keep you safe and reduce the chances of you getting infected or contracting the virus.

After Work

Once you're done with work, before you head back home follow the following tips in order to prevent contaminating anything at home.


Disinfect your phone and all your belongings which were used during work.

Separate Work Clothes

Change out of your work clothes and into your spare clothes. This eliminates any chances of entering your car wearing contaminated clothes. Any high contact items such as shoes, work bags, or work clothes should be handled carefully and placed into a dirty clothes bag. Place this in the trunk of your car and dump it into the washing machine as soon as you get home.

Wash up thoroughly

Make sure you wash the clothes and the bag thoroughly with a detergent in hot water. Before jumping to any other tasks or greeting your family members when getting home, directly go shower.

Remain Calm

Keeping all these precautions in mind can keep a person on edge. Especially after spending so much time working at home, transitioning to moving back out into the real world can be very daunting and stressful. Focusing on your job and your family’s safety at all times can be difficult. Take some time to focus on your mental state for a change. Utilize stress reduction apps, practice mindfulness and work on self care that helps calm your breathing and nerves.

Most workspaces have implemented checking employees temperature upon arrival, providing facemasks and keeping workspaces a safe distance apart. Hygiene has also been amped up in most of these places where surfaces are cleaned and wiped more often to prevent the spread of the virus. These actions taken by the workplace help employees feel safer and less anxious.

Some workplaces over time have eased up on their restrictions however this does not mean the threat is gone and you should still be cautious and take all the necessary precautions. Always maintain distance and look out for your co-workers' health. If it happens to be that you don't feel well, get a flu shot and get tested for the virus. All these tips will decrease your chances of contracting the virus, which will consequently also keep your family’s health safe.

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