When Can My Landlord Visit? And Why?

When we take possession of a home it doesn’t matter to us whether it is a rental home or purchased home, it is our home. That home is where we feel safe and where we raise our families, hopefully for a long time. So it is no surprise that some of us get on edge when we find out any uninvited guest is coming into our home, even more so if it is our landlord. Well that brings up the important question of ‘when can my landlord visit my house?’, and, ‘why?’. It is every landlord’s right to be able to gain access to the property, however there always must be a reason and a timeline must be followed. Here is our list of why and when a landlord is allowed to visit your home.

Inspecting the Unit

Sometimes this can sound more intimidating than it really is. A landlord will sometimes need to come to the property in order to look for things that may need fixed in order to keep the property in the best condition possible. Majority of the things a landlord will be inspecting or looking for have nothing to do with your day to day use of the house. And always remember that a landlord must give notice before entering the property, this could be anywhere from 24-48 hours.

Repairing the Unit

During inspection, your landlord may notice things around the property that need repairing. These things could include drain pipes, outlets, structural changes, and much more. It is in the best interest of both the landlord and the tenant that these things be fixed, and just like an inspection, the landlord will give you notice before entering the property.

Improving the Unit

Being realistic, this can rarely be considered a negative thing. Granted, no one likes having people in their home, especially when those people are changing things. When a landlord decides to improve a unit it is almost always in an effort to make the living conditions better for the tenant and increase the quality of the property. And don’t worry, just like repairs and inspections, a landlord must and will give you notice before entering your home.

Showing the Unit

It is never ideal to show a unit while it is being occupied by a tenant, especially if the lease is ending negatively. However, sometimes it is necessary to show the unit to new tenants or potential investors / buyers. Your landlord will work with you to make sure you have as much prior notice as possible so you have time to prepare yourself and your home.

Tenant Abandoned Unit

It goes without saying that if a tenant has abandoned the property for an extended period of time, a landlord will need to come in to the property in order to inspect, and prepare the unit for a new tenant or owner.

Under Court Orders

On the very rare occasion that it is needed a landlord can request access from the courts to gain access to the property.

Health and Safety Code Violations

If your landlord, or even the authorities, learn of potential health or safety code violations within the home, there is right to enter the unit. This is done to make sure that all potential issues are addressed as quickly and effectively as possible.

To Issue Eviction Notice

And of course, one of the most dreaded reasons a landlord would visit the property you call home is to issue an eviction notice. In most cases this rarely comes out of nowhere.

It is important to remember that your landlord does not want to disrupt the harmony that is the landlord / tenant relationship just as much as you do not want to upset your landlord. It is not uncommon for landlords to give ample notice above and beyond the requirement when it comes to inspections or showing the unit, etc.

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