Work from Home? Try These 5 Tips to Spice Up Your Office Today

Working from home has become the new “norm” for many of us. So it only makes sense to spice things up by adding your own touch to it. Some people think there's nothing better than working at home in your pajamas whereas others miss the structure and company of their coworkers. Regardless of which category you fall into, this flexibility is here to stay for some and proves to be beneficial in the midst of a pandemic.

The chances of your productivity levels taking a downfall when working at home are high. Especially when your bed is in such close proximity to you at all times. Fortunately for you we have some words of advice that will help you enjoy working from home whilst it being a sustaining and efficient experience.

Optimize your Workspace

Answering emails on your bed and writing reports while lounging on your couch sounded like a dream, but unfortunately would soon turn into a nightmare when you fall asleep half way through. So how do we fix this? Simple. First, you will need a specific space just for work to get you in the zone. A table and a comfy chair would be preferable. Having a space allotted for work will allow you to focus and have some structure and sense of professionalism during your working hours. Now that you have a clean empty table and space to work, it's up to you to “Gucci” the space up.

Organize your space with a planner or some sticky notes and have it look similar to your space at work. This similarity will zone the area and have you feeling professional and ready for work.

Go Green

The easiest way to add some color and brighten up your workspace is by adding some succulents and greenery. Plants that would usually suffer in an office setting's dim lighting would thrive in your home provided there is enough sunlight. What better way to tie the room together and lower some stress. Besides, with plants, the colors and types are limitless which gives you complete freedom to play around with your color palette as much as you want.

A Work Playlist

Everything requires a playlist to get you in the zone, whether it's a shower playlist, a cooking playlist, or even while running supermarket errands. Choose upbeat songs that perhaps set you in the mood and ready to work or something mellow that would help you concentrate better. Either way a set routine of music would create a sense of familiarity that may prepare you and get you ready to be productive. If you're a person who feels like music may be distracting there are many options and apps with certain sounds like waves or rain that help people feel more focused.

Music is not the only thing that can help you get ready for work. Some people have a routine that starts their day with a cup of coffee or a quick stretch / workouts. Vary it up and find what works for you!

Bring on the sunshine

In most workspaces depending on its design, most workers are primarily exposed to artificial fluorescent overhead lights. At home you have more control of where you sit and how much light you will receive. Having a well lit room has its benefits;

  • You sleep better at night.
  • Less stressed
  • More active during the day.

This is because light regulates our hormones and influences our stress levels, moods as well as our immune system. Getting a good amount of sunlight is great for you and will keep you alert. It also keeps your body clock kicking. So start your day with a walk to really get you feeling brisk..

Pack It Up

Packing up and heading home is the best part of any work day. Knowing you’re done and free, does it get any better? So how do you get the same type of closure at home when your dining table is blanketed by folders? Pack it up and call it a day. Change the environment and spend the rest of your night in a different space than where you were. This subtle but effective change will allow your brain to reset your mind and feel at peace at home.

Working at home can be fun, comfortable and efficient at the same time with these tips. These are a few methods that will prove to be effective in separating your workspace at home while benefiting from the perks that come with working at home.

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